Thursday, July 18, 2013


Where did the idea that we pick out our parents come from?
It comes from Buddhism. The belief that we each select our parents in each of our lives is well documented in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. That book explains what happens to a soul traversing from one incarnation to the next. The soul goes into what is called the Bardo, loosely translated as “The In Between” where the soul travels for seven weeks—forty-nine days—while Buddhist monks chant in an effort to guide the soul on its journey. The chants attempt to encourage the soul to accept one of the several heavens offered to it at various stages along the way. But if that does not happen, or cannot happen due to the need to balance out the positive and negative forces of karma left over from the actions and consequences in prior lives, the soul at the end of the Bardo is given the choice to accept any one of several couples for parents in its next life time. The soul sees all of those potential parents making love and the sexual magnetic energy is overwhelmingly strong. Still, the soul is encouraged, per the book and chanting monks, to be cautious not to go into what is called a ‘bad womb’.
What is meant by a bad womb is being reborn into a life where dharma or the ultimate reality will not be taught. The soul is told to aim its will towards requesting the couple to teach dharma and thus block any womb of those who will not, or to form the powerful intention to receive spiritual attainments from the couple that will block the womb of any who cannot. It is important to block the womb where there is lust, hate, and delusion.
The soul does not enter into an already made body, but it forms the body suitable for the soul to inhabit. The soul comes first. It constructs the body. It is the thought force of desire for sensory expression that causes the natural formation of the fetus to be molded by energy supplied by the creative impulse of the being that lived before. The best known Buddhist text, Dhammapada, opens up with: “everything we are is the result of what we have thought”. Therefore each of us can determine our past life experiences by looking at our bodies and can know what the future will bring by noting what our minds are thinking right now.


Laurel Lynn said...

I find this to be rather interesting, as I thought that the soul entered an already made body. Thank you for setting me straight. Makes you wonder about abortion. Does the aborted soul just keep trying?

Unknown said...

I am certainly open to the possibility. So far I rely on the silence and realize I am evolving and do not have to know. I take life as it comes and try to live in the moment. I know my current life has been saved numerous times. I am energy and I am sure that is not limited to an earthly existence. I personally view life as a hologram revealed when I focus energy on a point that knowledge is revealed.
Like your work and love hearing your views. Jim

Hazel said...

For me, the ongoing discovery of all of my past, present, and future physical existence is that I am participating in creation by taking a journey no one has ever taken before, dancing through a series of steps each right for its own season and each inadequate for the next.