Friday, February 13, 2009


During this time of people trying to get the government to deal with the real issues that are preventing this country from being on a balanced and even keel, the old complaints are being used to ground and beach our political boat onto the shores of despair.
How difficult is it to understand that throwing money at a problem without accountability is part of the problem rather than a solution? We all know that is what already occurred with the results being what we are dealing with now: lay-offs, company closings, home foreclosures, and inaccessible health care. All of this bickering only adds to the problem of being unable to trust our government. Nor is there much credibility in the media when we repeatedly hear the depressing and misleading stories put out by those who use fear tactics to maintain their position within the disillusioning status-quo. If politics isn't about the welfare of the people being governed, but continues to focus on infighting and using the current political structure to get elected then our country is in more trouble than we think.