Monday, March 3, 2008

Beauty is really deep

Everyone has heard the old saying, “beauty is not just skin deep”, but what does that really mean? Of course it means that beauty comes from within. But, again, what does that mean?
A great deal of our physical body is affected by what we believe about the world in general and specifically regarding ourselves. People always know what it is they don’t want. They are often hard pressed to know what it is they do want. That is because we are always trying to fit into the world—as we know it.
Our history is not just about killing each other or looking hot. Fortunately, there are now more places to find out what else happened in our past. We can learn all sorts of interesting things that help us know about our world, making it simpler to discover who we are inside. Self-knowledge is a good way to know what we believe is beautiful.
A peacefulness inside is expressed as a warm character that others are attracted to and like to be around. So, is peacefulness beauty? Absolutely!