Monday, December 29, 2008


There are cycles within cycles. This millennium is often called The Awakening, in 2008 we experienced what is termed The Wheel of Becoming, and in 2009 we move into the energy of Illumination.
2009 offers a higher vibrational level. Those with the Astrological signs of Leo or Aquarius significantly placed in their charts, those who have birthday dates on the 11th of the month, or those who have some other significant numerological 11, will feel the strength of this year's energy even more than others.
Throughout this year people will feel a strong urge to be receptive and to accept the vibrations surrounding them. When they do they can achieve a greater measure of growth. Throughout this year people are more sensitive which allows for more communication. However, the vibrations might be felt so intensely that acting normally can be a challenge. If the nervous tension becomes too great it is best to express harmony though cooperation and partnerships. Just remember that the word cooperation is mutual, no person or group will get to have another cooperate without expressing it, too.
2009 is a year for sharing new and exciting knowledge and feelings. It is also a great year for writing, even if it is a personal journal. Because insight will hit quickly there will be lots of poignant and wise thoughts being shared. This year will help everyone understand what it truly means to be human. There will be a greater amount of compassion and forgiveness of people's personal weaknesses. Without the need to approve of them so they can continue, past judgment errors and misguided actions are better understood and accepted.
The energy felt during the first half of this year will be in place to help create balance and to achieve what is necessary to experience the true purpose of living. The energy is a special gift that surrounds the world and offers an opportunity for people to discover or perhaps rediscover knowledge that moves us all towards enlightenment. Have no doubt this year will require people to cooperate with one another. And everyone needs to pay attention to their intuition because it will be very helpful in knowing when some relationship is not right or good and is therefore no longer to be continued.
In January the vibrations are strong for gaining awareness. Events and conversations are powerful. There will be a great deal of nervous tension. February brings forth greater awareness and criticism. It is a time of discoveries that are confusing and disturbing but necessary for balancing out the past. The month of March brings many changes that are more freeing, but also contain elements of restlessness and agitation. April will reflect some new awareness about individuals importance within family, love, and living situations that can bring an upset to the past order of things and ways. During the month of May there will be some difficulties related to communicating new ideas because people feel differently and those who have grown to expect past thoughts and actions will be disturbed by the changes. In June events occur for progress in work and business. July is a month of becoming aware about relationships that are stifling, but compassion is required to continue progress. During August there will be success, however, fearful people can intentionally slow down swift progress. September will see events occur that force a slower pace and patience will be needed as outcomes are awaited. In October people will feel the urge to look at the growth already achieved to become more creative. Expressions through art, music, and communication will be joyous and loving. Throughout November the energy is exceptionally powerful in its potential to make great strides of growth. There is a need for discipline and organization to resolve the confusion and criticism and prevent folly and delusions. December brings the ability to escape from the high emotionalism of the year. Life feels less restricted but it is important that all of the illumination grained throughout the year be used to construct a life that is based on new awareness.
2009 is a year for spirituality, philosophy, and metaphysics. The most import aspect of this year's energy is to balance out individual ideas that can be used as a foundation for sanctuary rather than continuing opposition.
The award winning poet, Mason Clare, writes extensively about the ancient disciple of Numerology and is known throughout the United States and British Isles. All of her work is bases on extensive research and study of both ancient and modern philosophical teachings, where she has learned and continues to foster a merging of our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.

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