Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How long does it take for all of the changes to….well, change?

Here we are still waiting for all of those elected politicians to realize that they are NOT the "elect". The majority of the people in this country are demanding a single payer health care system. You have to ask: Why don't we already have it? And why is it still being discussed? One reason is the amount of money being spent by companies to tell half truths and full blown lies so they can retain the status quo that lets them continue their business as usual. It is a case of double-speak. Those health insurance companies know that when there is a better system available too many of the current health insurance policy holders will change to that better system and stop paying exorbitant premiums. Another is the silent majority. We have spoken up and obviously been ignored, so we must continue to speak up and be heard or our personal heath care will remain an impersonal business!
The vast majority of companies in this country are not found on the Stock Exchanges. Nor are most of the employers and employees flying around in private jets. As long as we allow our most basic infrastructure to be based on the unrealistic ideas of those privileged people who gain their life-styles from stock earnings rather than from actually working there can be no parity, let alone equality of living in this country.
When the businesses in this country are freed from the extraordinary burden of an unhealthy system those who are in power and continue to block needed changes will be exposed for what they are. Well, with all of the information that has recently been made known they already are exposed. You remember when people were told they were not supporting our country if they did not support the war? That was a lie and it certainly will not work to suggest that a person who says the health insurance system in this country is not very good means that person is a bad citizen.
So I say, as are millions of other citizens, to all those elected politicians: pay attention. We all know that your first item of business is to keep your job. The people of this country are telling you that for you to keep your job, you are absolutely obligated to get those changes we voted you in to get, actually get changed.