Monday, July 21, 2008

Yes, it is okay to talk about politics

Just a few nights also I had a conversation with a couple of intelligent people who said that it is only right that all citizens of the United States of America support the George W. Bush administration since Mr. Bush was voted into his office as President by a majority of the people.
I was able to take their point, but responded back that what they suggest is: no matter what a person does once legally elected into office is…well, according to them, okay. As long as properly elected, all actions become right and just even if they include our President bending (and perhaps breaking) the laws to fit into his (and perhaps in future her) personal agenda.
I say no to that idea. It certainly sounds like a form of dictatorship to my ears.
When torture is authorized and then the word is bandied about with verbal hairs being split to determine what the term means there is a problem and I for one do not agree that all of us American loving citizens must support the current administration.
What say you?