Wednesday, March 21, 2012


It’s not a war. It’s just another battle. The same battle we fight over and over again. As long as we continue to go to the battle, we don’t focus on what needs to take place to end the real war.
Notice the deflections. Most of them are too ridiculous to think about. The latest attempt has worked. It’s called the War on Women. Enormous amounts of time have been spent not only moaning, but taking action that is necessary to maintain the “same old place”. Sure, it has to be done, but when will we learn that we must stop the endless battle that simply keeps us in that place?
Are hormone pills for a woman’s health, with a side effect of controlling birth? That’s the wrong question. Because when we continue to ask it, we don’t get the right answer, which is: it doesn’t matter. It’s no one’s business. As long as it’s the government’s business, there is no separation between church and state (someone’s religious beliefs and our nation’s laws).
Politically, we act like frightened children who expect to be rescued by someone. A Superman or Superwoman. They don’t exit, therefore, that does not work. The only thing that can work is removal of what we wish to be rescued from: The sociopaths in politics.
Obama was elected to be the nation’s political “savior”. All that did was continue the need to be saved and rescued. For every push there is an automatic push back. Karma: cause and effect.
Don’t kid yourself. We are not dealing with people who are interested in history. Stop thinking they will learn from it. We are dealing with sociopaths. They don’t look at the past and see their future. They only see what relates to their continuing gratifications.
It’s not a war between good and evil. It’s a constant battle between the mindful and mindlessness. Nor is it just about money. Having money is not a problem. It’s power being purchased by money that is a “big” problem. It’s based on a seriously flawed foundation belief. The belief that tells them: If I don’t control others, they will control me.
Things used to be hidden. They aren’t anymore. It is now clearly seen that no “real” change can occur until certain events and actions take place.
1. Money must be taken out of the election process.
2. Lobbying must be limited, or better yet, eliminated.
3. Term limits for those who are elected to the House and Senate.
4. Social Security and Medicare for everyone, including our State and Federal employees, and those in our political offices.
5. The same IRA’s for everyone. Again, that includes our State and Federal employees, and those in our political offices.
6. Restoration of Glass-Steagall to regulate those who don’t work to create anything other than their own wealth.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Kindle Rocks

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May Sinclair, Author

Friday, March 2, 2012


What if it’s true? What if there really is such a thing as Universal balancing—karma? What if those who are in charge now, because of their manipulation and the enforcement of their will onto others, will reincarnate into a life similar to those people they manipulated and controlled?

Karmic balancing is not a punishment. It’s not about blame either. Rather, karma teaches that all actions have a cause that makes its effect. The purpose is to raise consciousness about them.

Would that karmic balancing cause people like Daryl Issa to come back in another life-time as a woman? A woman who is forced to have one pregnancy after another until her body gives out. Or, come back into a life, as a girl who is raped—abused by someone in her own family—forced to keep it all a secret from her own sense of shame? Or perhaps, married to a man who decides she is not going to carry a pregnancy to term?

Will those men remain a victim to their own beliefs? Will they only exchange one side of the experience for the other side? I don’t wish that. I hope they can learn to understand in another way. Because all that would achieve is showing the polarization—not the balance. I’m not seeking revenge that begets more revenge. That doesn’t balance anything. It’s only when people can believe what they say about never acting in a manipulative or controlling way towards another that balance finally occurs.

But, then I’m not God, so maybe those like Daryl Issa will experience the other side of the extreme before understanding can be had by them.