Saturday, June 13, 2009

Optimism is a BELIEF

Atoms are the tiny particles making up everything. And they have their own composition. Quantum physic scientists are still trying to figure out how all the electrons and protons are affected by some person conducting experiments with them. We are all made up of energy—protons and electrons—set into various patterns of motion. Our thoughts are energy and they travel faster than the speed of light. Thoughts are not physical. Thoughts are not some active neurons in our brains. No matter whether every neuron in our brain is mapped out and examined there is not a single thought to be seen. It is very important to know that our beliefs, no matter their origin or cause, energize our thoughts. Each of us retains every belief we ever had. They are used to understand all of life's encounters and experiences. Yet, because they are based on personal perception, there is an ability to make changes. Truth is subjective and fluid.
There is no doubt that staying positive is an asset in anyone's life. But, we need to remember that every person lives what they believe! No thing ever happens in any person’s life that is not believed will happen. It is also important to remember that beliefs are not necessarily aligned with what a person says she or he believes. Many a personal belief is not popular and has gone underground into the sub-conscious, where emotionally hot topics are hidden, as a protection device for the person who does believe it.
Each of us has an obligation to reconcile our need to deal with our instincts to survive and our need to overcome our instinctual beliefs that self-protection is the only way to survive. We are responsible for reconciling our instinctual survival beliefs with the truth of unconditional love and absolute abundance. When intellectual reasoning indicates the issues of life are not reconcilable it is mandatory that life and life's events be looked at from another perspective.
We do affect the orientation of energy, forming molecules and wave patterns that are used by our minds. We thus put into effect our beliefs and create our reality. All energy shifts and changes, as it is formed within our unconscious and sub-conscious states, so we then experience it in our conscious condition. What we do not consciously think about we remain unconscious about. What we feel sub-consciously about that bothers us, well it still materializes in our conscious reality. All three: unconscious, conscious, and sub-conscious thoughts and beliefs shape and form the energy that creates our lives. Every one of us is the result of what we believe. We select the energy to create whatever we believe we can have and what we can be. The right sides our brains imagines it and the left sides of our brains bring it into reality.
All we create in our conscious mind becomes limited by our consciousness. It is placed within some type of structure. And all beliefs are controlling in some way and to some extent. Our controlled beliefs are the expressions of our self-perception. Those perceptions extend to the groups, communities, states, and world self-perceptions. All of us together make up our group-consciousness. Both individual and group consciousness that is positive, compassionate, tolerant, creative, enlightened, forgiving, and harmonious allows us to evolve mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.