Friday, April 3, 2009

Why is it made to sound so tricky?

I don't know about the rest of the country, but I personally feel a bit angry about this health care business. And that's about what sums it up—business. Why does health care need to be about businesses making a profit? I've been in the position where it became necessary to choose to pay the high cost for insurance under the COBRA system when my husband was laid off from his job and $800.00 a month for health care is expensive! The health laws are still being geared towards companies making profit from people who are in need of a basic necessity. Look around the globe and see how other countries care for their people. Surely, Americans are bright enough to take the best of what those countries do so we can create something even better here.

As long as profit is part of the dynamics we will never be able to sort this situation out. Companies in the United State of America that offer really acceptable health insurance to their employees are unable to compete with other countries that provide health care in a national format. How can that be good for the free-market system?

I am not for revising a system that continues to be geared towards making a profit on health. President Obama needs to stop listening to the insurance companies that have ruined the ability for citizens in this country to obtain health care and pay attention to what must occur to gain a health care option for every person. Anyone who wants to pay for health services outside a national system is welcome to do it, but as long as everyone is not included in a national system, there remains a real lack of freedom in this country.