Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Anger turns to Disgust

You've got to ask how the health care companies and drug manufactures dare to use Medicare as an example of how much it would cost the government—the tax payers—to provide universal healthcare to everyone in this country. Using Medicare as an example is pure double speak. When everyone in this country, including the young and healthy, gets to use the same system the costs drop automatically—and dramatically. It's the hodgepodge of heath insurance options that maintains the high costs of health care.
It is mandatory that people stop taking from others because of their irrational fears about there not being enough to go around. Whether they are greedy, arrogant, or fearful doesn't matter because it still brings about the same results.
Does President Obama desire that he be remembered throughout history as just another president who got elected and then didn't follow through on his campaign promises? Is he going to maintain a status quo because of the pressures from those who did not elect him into office, but gave him campaign funds that can be used against him, to prevent him from making the changes he espoused? Are those elitists, who are willing to sacrifice the long term future of this country to retain the short term position of greed, be allowed to destroy this country? And will the president along with members of our government continue to be blind-sided by those fearful people heading companies based on greed? Will they allow a system that ignores so many millions of this countries people and is based on profit to continue? Will they allow this country to remain a global laughing stock?
Do we truly have a government of the people for the people? Or are we an enslaved people to the wealthy? Are we victims? Or are we a people courageous enough to demand that we get the changes we were told we were going to get? If we, the workers, are going to continue to work so hard that we are exhausted and can only manage to sit—checked out—at our internet screens, then at least email a letter to those who were elected letting them know there remains a spark of energy left in us to demand those changes that were promised to us.
Stop feeling separate and special. Know the truth: half of all the bankruptcies filled recently were caused by the fact that people were unable to pay medical related bills. And three quarters of that fifty percent actually did have health insurance.
The populist vote got Obama the Presidency. Be one of the people for the people to stop those actions being taken by the greedy and fearful in power. Be courageous and honest. Allow for the reforming of the foundations of our current politics. The business of government must be about creating equality for all. The powerful can be prevented from using their unequally taxed wealth to brain-wash an over-worked and under-educated population to deflect what is really going on. We have the ability to stop them from continuing their self-serving frauds and bring about a true free-market that is not concerned with life's basic necessities.