Thursday, September 18, 2008

The feelings found in history

In the early 1900s the well known historian George Malcom Young, noted "that the real, central theme of History is not what happened, but what people felt about it when it was happening."
We are certainly living in times that are offering up historical events and what people feel about them is paramount to whatever results will be achieved.
Perhaps I was hasty in concluding the ethnic and gender issues were safely resolved when Hillary Clinton conceded to Barack Obama. It hadn't occurred to me the Republican Party would attempt to open up that potential opposition again by bringing in a female dark horse running-mate for John McCain. Obama may have misread the high feelings of our national urge to have a woman step forward into our highest of offices. But then it also didn't occur to me that the Republicans would use their money as power to spin the issues, turning themselves into the protectors of family values, religious rights, and economic stability, just by saying they are.
Still, I will maintain my faith in the American people. I will continue to believe the vast majority are not willing to let any political group take our social, economic, religious, and political rights hostage by spinning the truths around when they are obvious to us.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Solidarity Continued

At first glance I thought the choice of a woman to run with McCain was going to bring divisiveness to this country, separating women, who are strongly or even moderately interested in feminist issues, from the Obama campaign. But, upon noting the political position of Ms. Palin it became apparent that only those who would vote for an "idea" without knowing the facts could possibly be willing to vote the McCain/Palin ticket. Rather than dividing, the action is actually a strong means of solidifying the citizens of this country who know cooperation is strength not a weakness.