Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who actually lost?

The Democrats (Party that is) seem to be concerned about the loss of one of the seats in the Senate. I wonder, are they really concerned? If they are, what about? The mischief that reigned during the time they were supposed to be getting health care reform in the United States isn't much of an indication they are concerned about the American people. So, I have to assume the concern being shown is really about their own little selves.

In November, 2008 I was willing to look at conciliation of all sides. I'm not now. I am leaning further to the left because it is obvious to anyone who pays attention that we have not gotten any of the changes for the people at all. The same people are in power and are doing the same things: keeping the good things in life for and to themselves.

We may not be serfs, having to stay on the land to serve our Lord and the Czar, but many people are forced into staying in jobs that limit them because of their fear of losing health care insurance. What part of that is democracy?

Obama was called a liar for the wrong reasons, but I'm questioning his truthfulness at this point. And I am absolutely of the opinion he's not being the firm Presidential figure—for the people—that he presented himself to be during the last thirty days of his campaign.

One more time I ask: What does it take for politicians to understand that what's been offered to the American people is NOT right? When do they finally get that they are the elected NOT the elect? When will they stop believing the American people will accept the same old games that maintain a status quo that is simply wrong? I suppose it will require lots of people losing their appointed seats in the political houses for them to get that the people ARE growing up politically and will not take it any more.