Monday, March 25, 2013

Rake or Blower

What happened to the rake? You know, the thing people used in the past to gather up leaves and debris from their yards. My neighborhood is filled with people who may not be affluent, yet they do have gardeners. Mostly, my neighbors work so many hours at their jobs, there isn’t time to do the gardening themselves. And the gardeners, who cut the grass and go within fifteen minutes, all have blowers…not a rake to be seen on their trucks. The noise is horrid, since there are so many houses and so many gardeners all coming and going at different times of the day throughout the entire week. Honestly, some days I feel like going outside, ripping off their masks and noise canceling earphones to scream, “You can’t hear the noise you make, BUT I CAN!” If wouldn’t work. I’d be called a crazy woman…or worse. I’ve told my own gardener not to use a blower. The dirt and debris isn’t ever picked up. A lot of it ends up on the cushions of the swing in the courtyard that I get to clean-up myself. Even my one neighbor, who does have the time to do his own gardening, has a blower. I sigh deeply as I think, the rake is one of those items lost in the mist of time when people had the moments in their lives to actually cut, trim, and clean-up. So, I’m not really upset about the noise and dirt as much as the fact that everyone is on the fast track of life…heading towards…you tell me where.

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