Friday, March 2, 2012


What if it’s true? What if there really is such a thing as Universal balancing—karma? What if those who are in charge now, because of their manipulation and the enforcement of their will onto others, will reincarnate into a life similar to those people they manipulated and controlled?

Karmic balancing is not a punishment. It’s not about blame either. Rather, karma teaches that all actions have a cause that makes its effect. The purpose is to raise consciousness about them.

Would that karmic balancing cause people like Daryl Issa to come back in another life-time as a woman? A woman who is forced to have one pregnancy after another until her body gives out. Or, come back into a life, as a girl who is raped—abused by someone in her own family—forced to keep it all a secret from her own sense of shame? Or perhaps, married to a man who decides she is not going to carry a pregnancy to term?

Will those men remain a victim to their own beliefs? Will they only exchange one side of the experience for the other side? I don’t wish that. I hope they can learn to understand in another way. Because all that would achieve is showing the polarization—not the balance. I’m not seeking revenge that begets more revenge. That doesn’t balance anything. It’s only when people can believe what they say about never acting in a manipulative or controlling way towards another that balance finally occurs.

But, then I’m not God, so maybe those like Daryl Issa will experience the other side of the extreme before understanding can be had by them.


Lynne Spreen said...

What a great idea: Issa as woman. But only if poor woman in 3rd world country....or hey, maybe 1950s USA would be comparable. But by then it would only be punishment, not helping us in 2012. Still, schadenfreude is lovely.

Unknown said...

I don't buy karma as cycle. If you examine your life and honestly assess karma it is pretty much a pay as you go process. We are what we think and the results are positive or negative. If you determine success by power or wealth you will quickly realize they are not stand alone entities. They certainly don't determine happiness. Nature is about balance call it karma if you want but it is still balance(happiness) It must be stated that my opinions are entirely my own and quite frequently ignored by others.