Sunday, January 4, 2009


I do wonder whether this country is ready to explode into civil unrest. There have been so many instances where civil rights and the US Constitution are simply ignored or manipulated. Yes, certainly in the past, but I'm actually referring to our current experiences.
Recently I listened to Mike Huckabee (Republican Governor of Arkansas) calmly spar with John Stuart (The Daily Show) about the issue of marriage being between one woman and one man. It was curious how Huckabee drug out the biblical scriptures to support his position, but was rather silent when Stuart pointed out the hazards and flaws in using "the way things were done in the past" per the Bible when it is just as easy to insist that men should have many wives and even concubines.
It was pathetically clear that the religious right is extremely comfortable in selecting whatever is useful from the past to support their current means of holding people hostage to the right's own ideas by using morality as an emotion weapon. Everyone has a strong desire to be considered moral. The challenge is to be moral, not just rationalize some personal agenda.
Besides, this issue is about a secular position, not a religious one. The US Constitution is a moral document. It is not based on any brand of religion. One of its major points is to keep Church and State separate. Is it not obvious that various people's ideas about religion have and continues to cause much strife in this world? A person does not need to see this matter is not about homosexual or heterosexual rights to the sacred, it is about civil rights.

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