Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hoorah for the internet

Information is a key element to freedom. One of the greatest events in our history is the ability for all sorts of knowledge to be available, to anyone interested, without the self-appointed watchers—meaning censors who generally have been made up of the wealthy because of the high costs involved in publishing, publicity, and marketing—preventing it.

The internet, although it can be abused, is one of the best ideas achieved on this planet! What I’ve found most interesting is that during the past 5 years it became possible to buy many more books from the traditional retailers than ever before then. Why is that occurring? Well, because the internet allows access to so much free information. Book stores and the libraries of colleges and universities are no longer in a position to block access to knowledge required by serious authors seeking facts and support for their own works. One of the most excellent out-comes is I no longer need to pay high shipping costs to get the books I need from Great Britain.

There are so many web-sites that with a small amount of effort previously little known works can be published and read. If one site says no, others will say yes. One of the sites that was pleased to publish my article on the Sacred Marriage is, which is one of the best places on the internet to get information about weddings—pre-history, history, and current.

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